Southern Marsh - Rainbow Trout Tee - Breaker Blue

Southern Marsh - Rainbow Trout Tee - Breaker Blue


Sometimes the most beautiful animals can be found close to home - that’s one benefit of living in the marshlands. The Rainbow Trout offers fisherman a unique aesthetic whose beauty is unparalleled among other freshwater species. Their iridescent silver sides are painted with horizontal pinkish bands that run down the body and vary in intensity – no two are exactly alike. The dorsal fins are marked with olive spots and the lower fins are typically pale shades of amber and orange. On top of all that color, the distinct speckling is omnipresent over the body, giving it camouflage from predators. Rainbow Trout are highly coveted for food and sport as they are considered the most aggressive in the trout species and will leap out of the water when hooked in an effort to free themselves from the line. Their freshwater habitat puts them in every American's backyard. The Expedition Series Tee pays homage to this beautiful fish and the bodies of water they call home.

  • 100% Lightweight Cotton

  • Ultra Soft Spun Fabric

  • Pocket Tee

  • Full Color

  • Garment Washed

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